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Violin Lessons

Learn to play violin with a professional violin teacher in our South Street, Philadelphia store. Develop your hand coordination and intonation while learning the basics of music theory and ear training including vocal pitch-matching.

Our expert violin teachers also develop full use of lower and middle positions with advanced bow techniques.

Our violin lessons are private, one-on-one with a dedicated violin teacher.

Violin Teachers

Jenny Hackbarth Violin Teacher

Jenny Hackbarth has been a musician since the age of 5 and studied music theory, performance, and recording at Temple University, earning a degree in Music Production. She teaches violin, viola, cello, piano, ukulele and mandolin with a strong emphasis on music theory and ear training. Her teaching style employs a foundation of classical music, incorporating pop, rock, jazz, and other styles as the student progresses.

Jenny is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Daniel de Jesus Violin Cello Teacher

Daniel de Jesús has over 20 years of experience playing violin and cello in Classical, Latin, Pop, Rock, and Jazz genres. He is also a recording artist and composer. His focus as an instructor is based on learning the mechanics of the instrument while learning notation and theory from a compositional point of view. In this way, musicians are well rounded and prepared to perform in the contemporary music world that is diverse and demanding.

Daniel is available on Sunday.

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Violin Lessons

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