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Synth Lessons in Philadelphia

$ 60.00

Learn to master your favorite synths with our one-on-one 60-minute synthesizer lessons in our South Street, Philadelphia studio.  

Bring your favorite synth from home or use our collection of synths to learn the fundamentals of synthesis, their circuit boards and how to use them.

Lessons can be taught with a standard, modular or software synth.

During your lessons, we focus on the following:

  • Oscillators, filters and amps
  • Sequencing
  • MIDI, CV
  • Recording or performing

Lessons are reserved upon payment. We will contact you to schedule when we receive your order. See you soon!

Synth Classes With Our Experienced Staff

Our immersive synth lessons in Philadelphia will help demystify the signal flow and effects featured on both modern and vintage synthesizers.

With insight into sequencers, oscillators, filters, and more, you'll learn:

  • How to use popular synth types ranging from analog hardware to the latest digital synths
  • Learn how to manipulate a range of parameters like filters, oscillators, envelopes, and noise generators
  • How to integrate your favorite instruments and take your new synth skills to the studio or stage

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Our synth classes are in-depth and interactive with personalized instruction focusing on general synthesis using one from our collection or can be specified using a synth you own. After mastering the ins and outs of your favorite synth, you can also build upon your synth skills with production music lessons in Philadelphia. Like our personalized approach to synth instruction, all production classes revolve around your gear and goals.