Workspace for engineers, producers and creative teams

Produce music, shoot a video and bring your photographer to create.

Kory poly-800 and synths


• ARP 2600 M LTD
• Roland Jupiter-6
• Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4
• Sequential Prophet Rev
• Oberheim Matrix-6R
• Oberheim OB-6
• Korg MS-20 FS
• Korg Poly-800
• Korg Polysix
• Korg Minilogue XD
• Yamaha TX817Z

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Sequential drumtraks close

Drum Machines

• Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
• Rhythm Ace FR-2L
• Korg Volca Beats
• Korg Volca Drum

Roland DC-50


• Roland DC-50
• Lexicon MPX1
• Neon Egg Planetarium
• Warm Audio Jet Phaser
• Korg KP3+
• Realistic 42-2108 Stereo Reverb

  • Neon egg and realistic reverb
  • MPX1 screen
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API the channel strip rack

Mic Preamps

• API 512C (The Channel Strip)
• Focusrite ISA 412 MKII
• Warm Audio Tone Beast
• Warm Audio WA412

Warm audio compressor patch bay

Compressors & EQ

• API 550A EQ 
• API 5500 Dual EQ
• API 527 Compressor
• Warm Audio BUS-COMP 
• Warm Audio WA2A
• Warm Audio WA76


• Warm Audio WA47
• Warm Audio WA47jr
• Audio-Technica 4033a
• Audio-Technica 4041
• Shure Beta58A
• EV RE320


• Apogee Symphony 16x16 MKII
• Yamaha HS8 studio monitors
• Patchbay Guide

  • For

    • Mixing, producing, tracking
    • Recording synths, collecting samples
    • Shooting a video, taking photos
    • Live streaming

  • Use

    Solo, with your team or with us!
    • Split the space with a creative.
    - Use the studio to record synths while a photographer hosts a shoot in the skyline room.

  • Rates

    Open daily. Packages coming soon. Contact for rates now.

    • engineer available
    • photo and video packages available

  • Skyline room piano and plants

    Skyline Room

    Track, chill and use the natural light for videos and photos.

  • Living room turntable

    Living Room

    Relax, record or refresh with fresh water, a record player and a comfortable chair.

  • Studio

    Record, produce, mix in our recording studio.

Tools for the Team

The Skyline Room includes access to a Cricut Maker and Canon Pro-100 printer.

Use our big, north-facing windows to capture natural light portraits.

Customize the space and shoot a performance or produce a tutorial.

710 South St. Philadelphia PA 19147

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