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BridgeSet Production Studio

Our house recording studio is designed for special productions including signal processing, sound design, songwriting, recording, sound effects, voice overs, education and more. 

The Setup
Microphone PreAmps
API The Channel Strip
Focusrite ISA 412 MKII
Warm Audio Tone Beast
Warm Audio WA412

Compressors & EQ
API 5500 EQ (3)
API 527 
Warm Audio BUS-COMP (2)
Warm Audio WA2A
Warm Audio WA76

Apogee Symphony

Yahama HS8

Warm Audio WA47
Warm Audio WA47jr
Audio-Technica 4033a
Audio-Technica 4041
Shure Beta58A

Sequential Prophet Rev2
Sequential Pro3
Korg Minilogue XD