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About Us

About Us

Bridgeset Sound is an independent, family-owned business. Our mission is to connect you to music with quality products and service. We began in music education, designing and installing music technology labs in classrooms across the country.  Inspired by our experiences in the education field, we opened our Philadelphia storefront in June 2013 giving both musicians and music lovers in the community a place to learn and purchase musical instruments and equipment.


Our store is located on Philadelphia’s infamous South Street, known as a hub for an eclectic mix of artists, sneaker junkies, professionals and punks. We chose this location to foster a community and culture of musicians, hobbyists and audiophiles. We carry a variety of musical instruments – including acoustic guitars, ukuleles, world percussion and synthesizers- in addition to equipment for home studios and mobile recording. We also carry music books, vinyl records, accessories and more. We provide one-on-one lessons to budding musicians of all ages in many instruments, as well as recording, engineering, songwriting and music theory.

Our South Street, Philadelphia location is also home to a number of community events, including the South Street Ukulele Club and the Secret Synth Society of Philadelphia, as well as in-store concerts and workshops. Previous events include Bakithi Kumala and Jon Dichter, Lil Rev, DiViNCi, Alex and the XO’s, the Sun Flights and more!


Beyond our store, we continue to offer the services we were founded upon, designing and installing music education labs in schools across the country. We have grown our services to include the design, sale, and installation of commercial sound systems and sound treatment, as well as the design, sale and installation of home studios and home theaters.

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