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Piano Lessons in Philadelphia

$ 30.00

Learn to play piano with one of our experienced piano teachers virtually or in our South Street, Philadelphia headquarters.

Our piano teachers work with all skill levels from teaching the basics of playing piano to beginners to preparing students and players for their audition or performance. Our piano lessons help students improve their playing techniques and understanding of music theory and composition.

The technical aspects our piano lessons include are:

  • Technique 
  • Music Theory 
  • Sight-Reading Sheet Music
  • Jazz Improv 
  • Classical Music Training 
  • Contemporary Music Lessons 
  • Songwriting and Composition

Our piano lessons are one-on-one with a dedicated piano teacher and covers genres like rock, pop, classical, jazz, show tunes, hip-hop and more.

Lessons are reserved upon payment. We will contact you to schedule when we receive your order. See you soon!

Our inspiring piano classes in Philadelphia open the doors to songwriting, stronger piano fundamentals, and meaningful progression with fun and focused piano lessons! Perfect for aspiring professionals and casual pianists alike, our master piano instruction is fine-tuned to your current level of experience.

The same lesson flexibility also applies to various piano styles. If you want to learn classical technique, modern rock, or a balanced foundation of jazz, blues, and pop piano, our adaptable piano teachers transform complex music education into easy-to-follow improvement.

One-On-One Piano Classes With An Experienced & Dedicated Teacher

Inside our Philadelphia studio, you’ll find that our welcoming and judgment-free learning environment provides the perfect space to thrive. Above and beyond your average piano lessons, our talented piano teachers empower our students with tailored plans and undivided attention. With private lessons designed around your preferences and goals, you benefit from real-time feedback, fewer distractions, and instructive encouragement that powers your piano progress with every session.

Conveniently available in our studio or virtually, our private piano and guitar lessons in Philadelphia make it easier to stay on track toward your learning goals. Perfect for busy schedules, quick lessons after school, and the constant feedback you need to succeed, we believe that supporting your learning with greater piano class accessibility is just as important as the quality of the piano lessons.

Tips to Help You Get Started Playing the Piano

If you’re interested in taking piano lessons in Philadelphia, BridgeSet Sound provides exciting and interactive one-on-one classes with experienced teachers for a fun, educational experience. Before you get started, here are some tips for kids and adults to help you prepare for private piano classes.

  • Before you enroll in our piano lessons, it’s good to start with the basics. Focus on your playing posture to help reduce excess strain on your neck, hands, and wrists. When you find the right position, focus on learning the basic techniques of piano playing first including primary chords and rhythms.
  • Set up a regular schedule for your piano classes at our piano store in Philadelphia. The more you stick to a schedule and the more often you attend your lessons, the better you’ll get. As they say, “practice makes perfect.”
  • Set aside some time to learn patterns and progressions when you play the piano. This will make it easier to learn and play by ear, and you’ll discover how melodies are constructed, so you can write your song one day.
  • Apply the 80/20 principle to your piano lessons. This means that eighty percent of your success and progress will come from approximately 20 percent of the work you put in, meaning you should focus on the skills you can master first, so everything else just falls into place.
  • Start slow. Before you worry about how fast you can play, keep your eyes on accuracy. This ensures you hit all the right notes, and your speed will eventually improve.

Our Lessons Are Great For Beginners & Experienced Piano Players

Even if you have never touched a piano key, our Philadelphia area piano teachers are masters at turning complicated music theory and important fundamentals into digestible learning milestones. We have instructed countless players in Philly, and specialize in creating lesson plans that address all of the essentials and intricacies related to each play style and genre.

During your first few piano lessons in Philadelphia, our piano teachers will help you create a better lesson plan by:

  • Taking the time to understand your musical passions
  • Organizing practice and lesson plan ideas around your preferences
  • Actively adjust and refine the learning plan as you progress and achieve newfound piano skills!

As your harmonious piano skills continue to evolve, our piano lessons for adults and kids come with limitless growth potential. Our piano lessons are trusted by highly-advanced students, and our professional piano teachers never back down from the toughest lesson goals! In other words, if you have big aspirations for the stage or the studio, our piano lessons in Philadelphia, PA offer a realistic path to achieving your grandest piano ambitions. All you need to bring is a willingness to listen, learn, and bring your best to every lesson and practice session!

Schedule Piano Classes & More in Philadelphia, PA Today

Our professional music instruction extends beyond the beauty of classical piano and high-energy jazz. Our skilled Philly musicians also offer a range of dynamic learning opportunities like music production and synth lessons in Philadelphia if you would like to start recording, refining your sound, and sharing your music with the world.

With symbiotic musical education, expanding your creative horizons and unlocking new musical avenues becomes an attainable possibility. Many of our piano students have gone on to create astounding recordings, combining our piano and song creation instruction with modern production software and the latest performance tech.

Whatever your musical ambitions may be, our piano lessons in Philly are the perfect launchpad for musical improvement. Whether you just want to learn the basics and have fun, or you’re hoping to tour with a professional jazz or rock band in the Philadelphia area, we can’t wait to start creating beautiful music with you!

BridgeSet Sound is an independent music store in Philadelphia offering piano lessons to children and adults from our experienced teachers, contact us at (267) 507-4350 to find out more today!