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Portugal the Man - Oregon City Sessions LP

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After touring in 2008, instead of taking a break, the band recorded the culmination of what their live performance had become. Here is "Oregon City Sessions" dug out of the archives. Untouched, unchanged from the day it was finished. It is a time capsule of a band finding their way.


1. Churchmouth (Live)
2. House Warming Party (Live)
3. New Orleans (Live)
4. Bellies Are Full (Live)
5. 1989 (Live)
6. My Mind / the Home (Live)
7. Lay Me Back Down (Live)
8. Chicago (Live)
9. And I (Live)
10. The Devil (Live)
11. Aka M80 the Wolf (Live)
12. Colors (Live)
13. Marching with 6 / Elephants / Sit Back and Dream (Live)
14. Tommy / Helter Skelter (Live)


Label: Approaching Airballons
Format: 2 x LP
Release Date: 6/11/2021