Pig Hog

Pig Hog "Half Coil" 30' Instrument Cable - Daphne Blue

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The new Pig Hog Half-Coiled guitar and bass instrument cable is a thoughtful and balanced coiled cable that combines the great look and feel of a vintage coiled cable with the ergonomic addition of a longer straight end. 

The added length of straight cable gives you more distance on stage and provides a tangle-free solution that gets your coiled section of the cable off the ground, providing just the right amount of slack for performance! The right angle coiled end includes 12” of straight cable perfectly suited to wrap through your strap, and the connector has added length to fit into recessed input jacks. Whether it’s wired to a pedal board or directly to your amp, you’ll have tons of range with these cables!

  • Unique, half-coiled design
  • High performance instrument cable
  • 8mm high quality PVC outer covering
  • 1/4"-1/4" right angle connectors
  • Lifetime guarantee
SKU: PHCC30DB ISBN: 672485353805