Korg Volca NuBass Vacuum Tube Bass Synth

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A powerful bass synth with a sound source based around a vacuum tube oscillator. The acid bass machine with the pinnacle of modulation and distortion.

  • Vacuum tube oscillator circuit features Korg Nutube technology for the first time
  • A transistor ladder low-pass filter that produces a distinctive sound
  • Analog driver circuit adds gain and distortion
  • volca sequencer makes performing and composing simple and intuitive
  • transpose, accent, and slide functions create grooves on nubass' sequencer
  • Free bundle of music software: Ozone elements, Skoove, and Reason Lite
  • Keyboard: multi touch keyboard + step sequencer
  • Analog synthesis, monophonic
  • Structure: VTO (vacuum tube oscillator), VCF, VCA, EG, LFO, Overdrive, Tone
  • 16 step Sequencer with pattern chain, 16 pattern storage
  • I/O: Audio out/Headphones over 3.5mm stereo mini jack
  • Sync out Sync in over two 3.5mm mini jacks
  • MIDI in over 5 pin MIDI din connector
  • Included Items: Six AA alkaline batteries for checking operation, Sync cable
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 193 × 115 × 46 mm / 7.61" x 4.54" x 1.82"
  • Weight 370 g / 0.82 lbs. (Excluding batteries)
SKU: VOLCANUBASS ISBN: 4959112187368