Korg MPS-10 Drum, Percussion and Sampler Pad

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The Korg MPS-10 Drum, Percussion & Sampler Pad offers a unique combination of great drum/percussion sounds, real-time control, looping capabilities, sampling flexibility, setlist customization, computer connectivity, and data management support. These features make it a standout choice for live performers, producers, and music enthusiasts, setting it apart from the competition.

• Versatile Sound Presets: Experience rich expressiveness and a wide variety of presets that adapt to your playing style, covering diverse genres, and featuring an extensive selection of loop sounds for creative exploration.

• Real-Time Control: The continuous control pads (CC pads) allow you to control built-in effects in real time, adding depth and dynamics to your performances with intuitive touch sensitivity.

• Four-Track Looper: Record not only the unit's sound but also external audio with the four-track looper. Play and manipulate tracks in sync, with built-in effects, making it perfect for live looping performances.

• Powerful Sampler: Sample both internal and external audio simultaneously, instantly triggering sampled sounds on the pads. Edit sampled data directly on the unit for seamless sound customization.

• SET LIST Function and Smooth Sound Transition (SST) : Organize your kits to your liking and register up to eight set lists for streamlined live performances, making transitions between songs effortless.

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