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Jazz for the Skeptical Guitarist

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Explains the most important jazz chord progressions and gives you a handle on how to start improvising your own solos.  

Table of Contents 

What are jazz chords?
Rhythm changes in the Key of C
Preliminary issues
Minimizing redundant notes
Closed voicings
Extensions and alterations
The Major 6th substitution
Rhythm changes up the neck in C
Recap of the modified rhythm changes
Modified rhythm changes in G
Basic jazz chord roundup
Voice leading
Rhythm changes in G
The spelling of complex chords
Our favorite chord progression – the MVP
Modifications to the MVP
The flat-five substitution
On to the VIP
G7 variants and worksheets
Modifications to the VIP
The flat-five substitution
The MVP and VIP around the fretboard

Modulating with a 2-5-1 progression
The 1234567 progression
Stripped down comping
Examples of jazz standards
Mystery chord analysis
Scales: Jazz a la Mode
Modes in the Key of C
Ionian mode
Dorian mode
Phrygian mode
Lydian and Mixolydian modes
Aeolian and Locrian modes
Modes shmodes?
Worksheet on the modes
Improvising on the modes
Arpeggios first, then scales
C-shape modes
A-shape modes
G-shape modes
E-shape modes
D-shape modes
C-shape modes (high)
Improvising with the E- and C-shape modes

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