Korg Keystage-61 MIDI Keyboard Controller (61-key)

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First controller on the market featuring MIDI 2.0!

This is the 61-key model. 

Keystage is the ultimate MIDI keyboard built for producers and stage performers, as it is the first to feature MIDI 2.0 integration, has outstanding Poly Aftertouch response, OLED screens, a powerful arpeggiator, and chord modes. Its portability and durability outperform the competition and its exclusive bundle with KORG software and official Ableton Live integration make it a top choice for music creators.

What is MIDI 2.0?

MIDI 2.0 supports bidirectional communication, which means that devices can send and receive messages to each other. This allows for more complex interactions between devices, such as when a controller sends a message to a synthesizer to change its sound.

• MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange for unparalleled integration and control
• New keybed design with Polyphonic / Channel Aftertouch and MPE compatibility
• Powerful arpeggiator, chord modes, and streamlined workflow
• Parameter-dedicated OLED screens for instant visual feedback
• Integrated audio interface with direct stereo output for live performances
• Lightweight and portable
• Official Ableton Live integration
• Includes Korg Gadget Producer Bundle, wavestate native LE, and Ableton Live 11 Lite.
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