Lesson Policy

Lesson Scheduling

You can schedule lessons with our staff by calling 267-507-4350, emailing Thao at thao@bridgesetsound.com, or contacting us via bridgesetsound.com

Teachers do not handle lesson scheduling.

We reply to all our lesson requests within 24 hours of receiving them. We try to have a good communication with all our current and potential students and ask they do the same. 

All lessons are one-on-one

Lesson time is only reserved upon payment. 

Weekly lessons are recommended but not required. 

No lesson will be held on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year Day, and July Fourth. 


30 minute lesson: $30 – pay as you go

60 minute lesson: $45 – pay as you go

We offer options for block of lessons: $100 for four 30 minute sessions

          $200 for eight 30 minute sessions

          $160 for four 60 minute sessions

          $320 for eight 60 minute sessions

You can schedule a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session with an instructor of your chosen instrument. 60 minute session is required for voice lesson. 

Please note that prices are based on amount of lessons. We do not offer monthly package.

Payments for lessons are not refundable. 

These prices are set. We do not offer other lesson discounts.

These prices are subject to change with a 60-day notice.


We accept payments in cash, debit cards, and credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. We do not accept check or money orders. You can pay in store or online at bridgesetsound.com/lessons

Lesson time is only reserved upon payment. 

Payment is due at the end of your block of lessons. We offer payment reminder and/or invoice for those that need it.

If payment for lesson is not yet received, your lesson may not be taught.

Confirming Lesson Time

We generally will send out lesson reminders via text, call or email 1 day prior to your scheduled lesson. However, it is not our responsibility to send out lesson reminder. We expect all our students to remember their lesson time and show up in a timely manner.

We do accept requests for lesson confirmation if you feel that you do need reminders. Please be sure to make this arrangement with our staff. 


Please keep in mind that most of our lessons are scheduled back-to-back. Under any circumstances, arriving late at your lesson will not get you the full lesson time you paid for. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your lesson may not be taught and you will lose your paid credit. 

Rescheduling and Cancellation

We have a strict 24-hour notice policy for rescheduling and cancellation. For any reason, if you reschedule or cancel your lesson after the 24-hour window, you will lose your paid credit for that lesson. We are unable to reschedule your lesson to a different time during the day if you call in on the day of your lesson. Please be mindful of this policy. We respect your time schedule and we ask that you do the same to our time and our teachers’.

In the event of snow days, students are welcomed to contact us to reschedule and/or cancel by 12PM on the day of your lesson in order to keep your full paid credit. Requests to keep your credit after this time will not be allowed. 


Our teachers always come ready to teach and we expect our students come ready to learn. We expect you to respect the lesson time and behave appropriately. 

We advise you to discuss your personal goals with your teacher. Since lessons are private, they can be customized to your personal goals. Keep your expectations realistic. Mastering an instrument does not happen overnight. Remember: Practice makes perfect. It is important that you practice and complete the given homework before your next lesson. Failing to do so will slow your progress. 

Students younger than 7 years old, may benefit from the presence of a parent or guardian. We find that having an adult paying attention during the lesson will help tremendously with practice and homework. Please discuss this option with your teacher. 

To parents and/or guardians with children who need to be picked up after their lessons, please be punctual. Most of our lessons are booked back-to-back and some days, all of our lesson rooms are completely occupied. It is not our responsibility or our teachers’ to keep your children entertained and provide them a place to wait. We also do not provide pick-up and drop-off service. 

We are excited to create music with you and thank you for your cooperation with our policies!

We offer all our active students a 10% discount from our in-store products.