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Vinicius Electrik Multiwaves Modular

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The MultiWaves module consists of a hybrid VCO/LFO with a 1MHz sample rate and two fully analog LFOs. It also has an independent Noise Generator.

The VCO/LFO can generate eight waveforms in LFO Mode and seven waveforms in VCO Mode.

All waveforms have symmetry control, which allows for a multitude of other waveforms deriving from the selected basic one. 

In LFO mode, the eighth waveform is another Noise Generator with a different distribution from the external generator, and the Symmetry control, in this case, changes the noise density of the same. Still in LFO Mode, it has an S&H control of the selected waves and, at maximum, the timing can be controlled externally by the ExtClk jack.

In VCO mode the S&H RATE potentiometer becomes the VCO FINE. In addition to the output in the selected Wave, it still has an independent SQR output.

The other two LFOs, analogue, also have symmetry control, which varies the slope of the wave from Positive Saw to Negative Saw, and in the central position is Triangle. The external CV input is attenuated by the Width control, and, if nothing is connected to it, it behaves like a Fine control for the LFO. 

Like the VCO/LFO, they have independent SQR outputs, and in the case of LFO 2 and 3, the symmetry control changes the Pulse Width of this output.