Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons
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Learn to play guitar by studying with one of our experienced guitar teachers in our South Street, Philadelphia music store. We teach beginners through advanced, including classical guitar. 

The technical aspects our guitar lessons are:

  • Chords, Scales & Modes
  • How to Read Sheet Music
  • Guitar Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Solos
  • Fingerstyle
  • Rhythm

We cover techniques and songs from your genre of choice including rock, jazz, hip-hop, blues, classical, etc.

Our guitar lessons are private, one-on-one with your dedicated guitar teacher.

Lessons are reserved upon payment. We will contact you to schedule when we receive your order. See you soon!

Guitar Teachers

Chris Rozik Guitar Teacher

Chris Rozik has a Jazz Studies - Jazz Guitar degree from SUNY at New Palz and has been teaching guitar since graduating in 2013. Chris teaches both traditional and classical guitar. He also gives guitar, bass and piano lessons.

Chris offers lessons to all ages and skill levels.

Chris Johnson Guitar Teacher

Chris Johnson will get you up and strumming with a songwriters approach to deciphering the fretboard. He has been teaching guitar for 10 years and excels in developing rhythms and vocal melodies while working with your guitar playing goals. He is a multi-instrumentalist that started on saxophone 17 years ago and has been expressing himself through music ever since.

Chris offers guitar lessons to all ages and skill levels.


Nick McConnell Guitar Teacher

Nick McConnell is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter and engineer. His curriculum combines the wants and needs of his students with the necessities of instrumental study. Nick graduated cum laude from Bloomsburg University with a B.A. in Music Education. Nick teaches piano and guitar.