Vinicius Elektrik

Vinicius Electrik Lizard System

$ 1,699.00
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The Lizard is a complete Eurorack modular system in a 104 HP case.
It is composed of:
• the MIDI2CV module; 
• the ADSR Generators (x2); 
• the Lizard VCO, a powerful hybrid VCO with 48 Operation Modes, which can also function as sequencer; 
• the MultiWaves, a triple LFO of which two are fully analog and one is hybrid (with 8 waveforms) that can function as a VCO;
• the StateVariable VCF which features Low Pass 12, Low Pass 18, Band Pass and High Pass outputs;
• the OverFolder, a wavefolder with an innovative folding topology;
• the 4 Channel Mixer;
• the Dual VCA.
The package includes varied set of 24 colored patch cables and an external power supply for better signal-to-noise ratio.