Free Live Music feat Ken Beasley & Matt Haeck 12/16

Dec 11, 2014Steve Harner

Join us on December 16, 2014 at 7:30pm for a night of americana from Nashville's Matt Haeck featuring a dobra player and Philadelphia's own rootsy nylon strumming Ken Beasley.

This is a free show open to the public. Please bring some cash to support the musicians in their tip jar or better yet, to purchase a cd! They are each incredibly organic and unique artists that make for a refreshing listen time and again. BridgeSet Sound 710 South St. Philadelphia PA 19147

The Musicians

Ken Beasley Promo PicNot quite country. Not quite jazz. Somehow, Texas native Ken Beasley manages to tap into Flamenco, Motown, Country, Classical, Disco, Blues, and Folk to create an adventurous sound all his own. Borrowing from his years as a flamenco guitarist, Beasley presents his rootsy compositions on a nylon-string guitar in unique finger-style rhythms. The forms blend seamlessly to produce a mood that smoothly balances cozy and familiar with exciting and fresh.

The wandering son of a preacher man, born to sing and never to settle. Matt Haeck's way has taken him through bad songs and good songs, religion and apostasy, marriage and divorce, drunken oblivion and the sober present. Around east coast, west coast, north, south, and Texas, he's chased dragons and dreams, the demons and angels in the songs that make him crave another day and study a long-gone past.

See you on the 16!



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