South Street Ukulele Club - BridgeSet Sound Philadelphia

Dec 03, 2014Steve Harner

The South Street Ukulele Club is an all-are-welcome gathering of aspiring and seasoned ukulele players looking to connect via singing and/or strumming! We meet once a month at our South Street headquarters (BridgeSet Sound) with occasional meetups in local cafes or businesses. 

We launched the club in July 2013 in response to the overwhelming excitement for the ukulele upon opening in June 2013. We structure the jams so everyone can participate. First-timers are welcome! 

Ukulele nights typically start at 8pm and go until 9:30. We play for an hour or so and leave time at the end for members that want to perform or practicing performing in front of the group. For more information visit our Meetup.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming club nights, workshops and concerts. Visit us at BridgeSet Sound any day of the week!


                    South Street Ukulele Club at BridgeSet SoundSouth Street Ukulele Club at Cafe Fulya

                                       South Street Ukulele Club Lil Rev WorkshopSouth Street Ukulele Club Open Mic at Cafe Fulya

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