Perceived Limitations to Learning an Instrument

May 18, 2014Steve Harner

You can learn to play an instrument. We hear your story every day. "I've always wanted to learn _________ but ________________. " Truth is, like any new skill, job or language, it does not happen overnight and requires time, ambition and practice. These essential ingredients for success lead us to our list of your perceived limitations to learning an instrument. Prove yourself wrong and conquer your suppressed aspiration.

Perceived Limitations to Learning an Instrument

  1. I Don't Have Time - The key here is to play the instrument daily, it does not need to be hours on end! Playing just 15 minutes a day will advance you faster than you realize. There is no pressure, it is meant to be an enjoyable experience. The more you play, the more fun it becomes!
  2. I'm Too Old - No you're not.
  3. I'm Not Musical - Humans have used music in various capacities as far back as we can see (40,000+ years ago). It is our birthright. You just haven't found the instrument that works best for you! If you tried something in the past and failed, maybe it wasn't the outlet for you (assuming it wasn't one of the 3 essentials from above). Find your groove!
  4. I Can't Read Music - This will come with playing the instrument with proper guidance and/or study. The language can be demystified in time through application.

Ready to learn? Check out these practice tips from our guitar instructor, Paul McCoy! If you are in Philly and ready to go, sign up for lessons with us here on South Street. Whatever the case and wherever you may be, do yourself a favor and connect with music. You will learn even more about yourself. So what is holding you back?!

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