Vinyl FTW! Why?

Feb 12, 2014Steve Harner

Buy music?!?! Who does that??? We do, the people that listen to vinyl. With CD sales down 14.5% from last year and digital buying & premium streaming sharing the market, 2013 was further proof that vinyl is one of the best parts of being human and listening to music. Six million records were purchased in 2013, up 32% from 2012.

What is it about vinyl? Record collections are passed on from generation to generation and it takes work. They take up space, are heavy to transport and require adequate storage conditions. It is for those same reasons that we love vinyl. It's big, tangible form is attractive to our senses and our sense of ownership. The cover art is worth displaying and you hold the music with both hands. It is a vacation from the bright screens, cramped hands and 0's and 1's we overwhelm ourselves with.

The future is bright for records. We see it every day in our South Street record store. All ages are buying vinyl. Teens are seeking out Hendrix, blues and jazz records are being mass produced and labels often wisely include the CD or a digital download card, adding value to your piece.

Vinyl has become a very real collection of songs and stories, an archive of my life and my relationship with decades past. What drives your obsession? What record(s) changed your life?

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