Room C - Write, Rehearse & Record

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Record, produce or mix in our private room with use of anything available in the shop including synthesizers, microphones, percussion, acoustic guitars and more. This room is ideal for producers, singer-songwriters and singers looking for a private, quality space to create music and for engineers to reference mixes in the sound treated space. 

Popular gear choices include
World Percussion 
Audio-Technica 4033/cl
Shure SM7B
Seagull acoustic guitars

Connect your hard drive or send us your files via Dropbox or Google Drive in advance! If you prefer to use your own computer, please check for compatibility with the Apogee Quartet interface.

Room C Specs
OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.2
DAW: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Pro Tools 12
Plugins: Waves Gold Package, DAW stock 
Interface: Apogee Quartet
Keyboard: Korg Kross 61
MIDI: Novation Impulse 61, Ableton Push 2
Monitors: PreSonus Eres 5 
Microphone: Shure Beta 58, Audio-Technica 4033/cl

Mon: 8 - 3
Tues: 8 - 3
Wed: 8 - 3
Thur: 8 - 3
Fri: 8 - 3
Sat: 5 - 9
Sun: 5 - 9

All time is booked and reserved upon payment. We contact you to schedule your session when we receive the order confirmation. We manually schedule the rooms to provide optimal conditions for your intended use. See you soon!