Lessons From Lyrics: Teaching Content and Fluency Using Singing and Song Writing

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Looking for an effective method for teaching reading fluency, content knowledge, and writing? Try the methods introduced in this book for singing and song writing in the classroom. The book describes how singing and song writing can be beneficial for students in all elementary grades. Students will enjoy singing the math, reading, science and social studies songs included in the book. All songs used in the book piggyback familiar tunes so no music accompaniment is needed. Topics include:

  • Multiplication Facts
  • Prime and Square Numbers
  • Oceans and Continents
  • Presidents
  • States       
  • Government
  • Sun and Moon
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Plus Much More!

The author describes the amazing benefits of student written lyrics. By following the suggestions in this book, students will summarize and synthesize content information to write song lyrics about any topic. Scripted classroom examples and troubleshooting tips are included. Use the revising and editing checklists and evaluation rubrics. You will also find many ready to copy pages with great piggyback songs for lyric writing with lines ready for writing.

Try singing and song writing as a time efficient way to teach reading and writing fluency and deep content understanding. In the process you will find that you and your students have developed a stronger classroom community and had fun!