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Korg Electribe Sampler Workstation

$ 39999

The fastest and most intuitive way to make beats.
A production machine that lets you create using a gigantic array of samples!

The electribe sampler is a sample-based production machine that lets you construct beats at maximum speed. You can freely edit and resample using waveforms that you've loaded and preset samples. Modulation and effects can be controlled easily just by turning knobs on the top panel. In addition, a variety of input interfaces optimized for inputting rhythm, bass, or melody allow you to smoothly create sequences as fast as you can think.

The sequences that you create can then undergo additional evolution on stage or in your laptop. You can enjoy intuitive live performances that link various devices with the electribe sampler, or utilize this capability for full-fledged music production by exporting sequence data to Ableton Live for detailed editing and final mixing.

The latest system version 2 adds a much-requested pattern chain function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic red model. And we've also provided bonus patterns that reveal even greater sonic potential.

Making your beat-making ideas rapidly take shape. It's the electribe sampler; a sampler + sequencer that's thoroughly optimized for speed.

Sound System

Type: PCM sound engine + Analog modeling sound engine

Maximum Polyphony:

  • 24 voices 
  • * The polyphony of the entire pattern varies depending on the Oscillator, Filter, and Insert Fx type. 
  • * Independent parameters for each voice have been simplified; four voices share the parameters of one conventional voice.

Sample: Type (920), Pitch/Glide, Edit

Sample Types: Analog (16), Audio In (2), Kick (37), Snare (44), Clap (12), HiHat (37), Cymbal (8), Hits (33), Shots (44), Voice (31), SE (7), FX (30), Tom (10), Percussion (31), Phrase (15), Loop (22), PCM (31), User Sample (499)

Filter: Filter (Cutoff), Resonance, EG Int, LPF/HPF/BPF (3)

Modulation: Type (72), Depth, Speed

Amp/Envelope Generator: Level, Pan, Attack, Decay/Release, Amp EG On/Off

Scale Types: 35

Gate Arpeggiator Types: 50

Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz

AD/DA Conversion: 24 bit


User Samples: Up to 499 samples


  • Total maximum approximately 270 seconds (calculated as monaural) 
  • * Regardless of the capacity of the SD card 
  • * Including presets


Start/End Point, Loop Start Point, Tune, Time Slice, Level, Direction, Resampling


Insert Effect:

  • One unit (can be used on each of the 16 parts) 
  • Type (38), Edit, Insert FX On/Off

Master Effect:

  • One unit 
  • Type (32), Touch Pad, Master FX On/Off, Master FX Hold On/Off


Number of Steps: 16 steps x 4

Number of Parts: 16 parts (one part consists of a sound, steps, insert effect, modulation sequence, etc)

Number of Patterns: 250 patterns (150 Presets / 100 Initial) (one pattern consists of parts, master effect, key, scale setting, etc)

Motion Sequences: Up to 24 motion sequences can be stored (for each pattern)

Groove Types: 25

Pattern Set: Up to 64 patterns can be stored

Pattern Chain: Up to 250 patterns can be chained

Export: Ableton Live project file format, WAV file format (48 kHz, 16 bit)

Event Recording: Up to 100 files can be saved

Trigger Pads

Number of Pads: 16 pads (Velocity sensitive)

Modes: Trigger, Sequencer, Keyboard, Chord, Step Jump, Pattern Set

Touch Pad

Modes: Gate Arp, Touch Scale, Master FX



  • L/Mono, R Output (Standard phone jack) 
  • Headphones (Stereo mini jack) 
  • Audio Input (Stereo mini jack)

MIDI: In, Out (Use an included MIDI adapter cable)

USB: Type micro B

Sync: In, Out (Stereo mini jack)

External Storage Device: SD Card (512 MB -- 2 GB), SDHC Card (Up to 32 GB)


  • Power Supply: AC adapter (DC 9V) or AA battery x 6 (Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5 hours (Power Saving: ON, with Nickel metal hydride battery)
  • Current Consumption: Less than 500 mA Chassis Zinc die cast

Dimensions (W x D x H): 339 x 189 x 45 mm / 13.35” x 7.44” x 1.77”

Weight: 1.6 kg / 3.53 lbs

Color Variations: Metallic Red (electribe2s-RD), Black (electribe2s)

Included Items: AC adapter (DC9V), MIDI adapter cable x 2, Ableton Live 9 lite (License card included)



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