Hohner Old Standby Harmonica

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Affordable harmonica with a chrome cover and plastic body. Great for any music enthusiast who wants to take on a new instrument or anyone who wants a new hobby! Available in keys: A, Bf, C, D, E, F, G. 


  • Plastic comb produces a bright, clear tone
  • Recessed reed plates for air tightness
  • Screw assembly for easy maintenance


  • Item name: Old Standby
  • Series: Enthusiast
  • Type: Diatonic
  • Keys: A, Bf, C, D, E, F, G
  • Tuning: Richter
  • Number of holes: 10
  • Reeds: 20 Brass
  • Reed Plates: 0.9 mm Brass
  • Cover Surface: Stainless Steel
  • Reed Plate Surface: Brass
  • Mouthpiece Surface: ABS
  • Comb: ABS, Black