DW DWSMOTC One Touch Hi-Hat Clutch

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Adjust Hi-hat Tension with the Twist of a Knob

Traditional hi-hat clutches are messy and unreliable. Thankfully, with DW's One-Touch Clutch, dialing in and adjusting cymbal tension is a one-handed affair. The DWSMOTC's ratcheting washers lock into place with a satisfying "click" for peace of mind and slip-free performance. Once cymbals are installed, you can adjust tension on the fly — even mid-song with a free hand — via the two-way locking top washer. Felts and rubber washers are integrated into the DWSMOTC's locking knobs, leaving fewer pieces to lose by your kit and in your cymbal bag. Say goodbye to yesterday's slippage-plagued, cumbersome hi-hat clutches, and step up to the DW One-Touch Clutch from Sweetwater.