Didgeridoo Lessons

Didgeridoo Lessons
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Learn one of the world's oldest known wind instruments, the didgeridoo. This drone instrument dates back roughly 40,000 years starting in Northern Australia. The didgeridoo is a rhythmic device as much as it is a meditation tool.

In this course, we focus on the following:

  • Circular Breathing
  • Producing the 'drone' sound
  • Diaphragm Control
  • Incorporating your voice into your didgeridoo playing
  • How to create your mouthpiece

Lessons are reserved upon payment. We will contact you to schedule when we receive your order. See you soon!


Didgeridoo Teacher

Matt White Facebagel Bidgeridoo Lessons

Matt White is an experienced didgeridoo player as well as a former voice, guitar and music theory student here at BridgeSet. A songwriter and lover of world music, Matthew teaches didgeridoo as a healthy activity, a new hobby or a different path to play music altogether.