Didj Flute Didgeridoo

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The Didjflute may qualify as an entirely new breed of instrument. Combining the drone of a Didjeridoo with the changeable notes of a flute.

It is an Obelisk with 4 holes in the top. By covering or uncovering the holes with your fingers you can play different notes, scales, and tunes. All Didjflutes are tuned to C major. All holes covered produce the C note. Uncovering holes plays D, E, F, and G. The finger holes add another dimension to didgeridoo playing with the ability to change the notes. It is not recommended for a beginning didgeridoo player to try and learn to play the Didjflute until a strong foundation in basic playing a one-note instrument is formed.

Dimensions: 24" long, (61 cm), 3" wide (7.6 cm) at bell end, 2" wide (5.1 cm) at mouthpiece, 2" (5.1 cm) thick. Average weight: 16-oz (460 g) Materials used: Aromatic Cedar is favored for it's resonant quality as well as the great smell it produces. Finishes: Clear gloss varnish highlighting the natural grains of the cedar, some are dyed with an original technique and some are painted with acrylics. All Didjflutes have 4 finger holes and come with rubber stoppers to use when only playing one note.