Improve our Lesson Studios with Kiva ZIP!

We are improving our Philadelphia music lesson studios with new technology, space saving furniture and improved air flow and have partnered with Kiva and the South Street Headhouse District to raise capital via a 0% interest loan from friends and organizations.  We greatly appreciate any amount we can borrow! Your loan amount gets matched and then incrementally put back into your Kiva account as we repay the loan over 2 years. 

...but what is Kiva ZIP?!

Kiva Zip supports small businesses with 0% interest loans and enables us to access the capital we need to grow our business. As a Kiva Zip lender, you have the chance to become a customer, brand ambassador and business adviser to the borrowers that you’re funding with interest free loans.

We invite family and friends to start our fundraising. After reaching a designated threshold, the Kiva Zip community takes care of the rest. It's a simple, transparent way to help small businesses.

Thank you!!!
<3 BridgeSet Sound


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