Casio Privia Digital Pianos in Lesson Studios A & B

Piano Lesson Studio A at BridgeSet Sound
Casio Privia PX150

Piano Lesson Studio A BridgeSet Sound Casio PX-350mbk

We use Casio Privia digital pianos in our music lesson and practice studios on South Street (Philadelphia) and love them for their realistic acoustic piano feel and dynamic response. Their play comes from 88 multi-sensor ebony/ivory hammer action keys unique to these price points. Come give them a spin in our personal lesson studios! 

Studio A (yellow room) is equipped with the feature rich PX-350MBK with 250 instrument sounds through 4, 16-watt speakers. It also holds 180 drum patterns with full auto accompaniment and a 17 track recorder for composing your own songs. The PX-350 has 1/4” audio outputs so you can easily connect with recording and live sound equipment.

Special PX-350 + CS67 stand pricing, $750. Compare to $800 ( $700 piano + $100 stand).
Buy PX-350mbk + CS-67.

Studio B (green room) houses the PX-150. This sleek piano sports the same touch and feel as the more expensive models in the line, giving you the most important feature of a digital piano at their base price point. The piano comes with 18 built-in tones with Duet Mode, Layer, Split, Octave, Shift and real-time, 2-track recording. The 2 speakers output 16 watts for sufficient volume without using the 2 stereo 3.5mm outputs. It is Class Compliant USB-MIDI.

Special PX150 + CS-67 stand pricing, $550. Compare to $600 ( $500 piano + $100 stand). Buy PX-150 + CS-67.

Learn to play piano or refine your skills with piano lessons at BridgeSet Sound. Our studio rooms are available to rent for practice on the piano for $12 per 30 minutes.

Casio is currently offering a special to add one of these pianos + stands to your study, living room, studio or business at a great price. See all of our Casio keyboards and digital pianos here.

Weight & Size
Piano 25lbs
Piano on stand 47Ibs
52" long x 11" deep x 30" tall


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