BridgeSet Sound Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Make it even sweeter with the gift of music! We believe music should be accessible and inviting to everyone and, whether that means listening or learning an instrument, we have something for everyone and closely curate our stock for performance and price.

Below you will see the products we know will make a great gift this holiday season. 

Stocking Stuffers
Korg MonotronVinyl Styl Record CleanerIK Multimedia iRing

iRing - $25 Hand motion music creation for your iOS device.

Monotron - $50 A shop favorite pocket-size synthesizer/filter.

Ukulele Accessories - $10 wall mount, books, cleaning kits and more.

Guitar Accessories -  $5 lemon oil, $10 wall mounts and more.

Vinyl Care - $10 protective sleeves, $15 cleaners and more.


Audio-Technica M50X headphonesGrado SR60e headphonesLSTN bowery ebony ear buds

Audio-Technica - critically acclaimed headphones for both mixing and listening. Honest and comfortable $50 & $169.99 price points

Grado SR60e - enter the audiophile world with these handmade, hi-fi headphones with the best price for it's kind at $79.

Kala spalted maple ukulele     Kala Soprano Banjolele ukulele     Makala purple dolphin ukulele 
All of them! Prices start at $43.99 and go up from there. Happy browsing!

Audio-Technica AT2020USB, AT2020 
AT2020usb - $119.99 Plug in the USB cable and hit record! XLR model AT2020 $99.99


Dig, dig, dig!


Bolsa Bass - $250 digital bass machine in a bright pink shell
Korg Little Bits Synth Kit - $159 build your own synth kit

Also of note - our Holiday Steal Jasmine Acoustic Guitar for only $84.99 and the T'Rung bamboo xylophone for $24.99!


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