The Grado e Series Headphone Experience

Grado RS2e Audiophile Headphones

Grado's signature open-back headphones surround you with a balanced, clear sound your ears will thank you for. The headphones are handmade in the Grado family's Brooklyn, NY facility and the sound pronounces that careful attention. There is a signature, superior listening experience with all Grado models, from the entry level SR60e to the pictured and exquisite RS2e. 

Full disclosure: This blurb is based solely on iPhone listening with the SR60e, SR225e and RS2e while comparing the following tracks:
Drain You - Nirvana
California Dreamin - Four Tops
White Flag - Gorillaz 

These headphones breathe! They are an easy listen with beautiful color and comfortable wear, sporting a padded leather headband and cups that sit around the ear, putting you closer to the music. The lows are deep and warm and the mids are remarkably articulate, highlighting the stereo image captured by the Grado craftsmen. The new e series improves upon every component, surface and material used in the previous builds resulting in the finest headphones ever made.

The SR60e are a tremendous value at $79 with a crisp drive and present bass. The SR225e exaggerate and refine the drive of the SR60s for an enhanced listening experience. Finally, the RS2e take on a color of their own with their cured, mahogany cups making for a truly unique and lively listen.

Come experience Grado at our South Street, Philadelphia shop where you can try our current offering of Grado headphones. Hope to see you soon!

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  • Just dug out my grado Sr. 60s ,must be years old sound just so sweet fantastic value.

    Kit Green

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