Lil' Rev Ukulele Workshop & Concert

Ukulele talent, Tin Pan Alley historian and ukulele author Lil' Rev is joining us for two events here at BridgeSet Sound! The first is an interactive workshop focused on strum patterns and the second is an intimate concert in our shop.

WorkshopEssential Strums, Strokes and Tricks for Ukulele + Performance Oct. 29, 7:30 - 9pm

Tickets $20, Limited seats available!. Call (267) 507-4350 or click to visit Meetup.

An entertaining and educational workshop that uses blues, Tin Pan Alley, and novelty tunes to teach an assortment of ukulele techniques, including: two-, four-, and five-finger roll strokes, 3 triplets, slides, tremolo, novelty strokes and whole array of classic ukulele tricks.

Don't forget to bring your ukulele and some cash to purchase a CD from the one and only Lil Rev!

We can't wait to strum along with you!

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